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You may give us you whole laundry-basket, we will wash, dry and fold or iron it and return it to you. The only thing you have to do is to put it back in your wardrobe. We can add softener or starch to your laundry. Not only we can do the normal laundry also you can trust us with your blankets, duvets, sleepingbags, couch-cover and so on.

We advise you to notice the label in your laundry with the washing-instructions by the manufacturer. Sometimes it's better to wash something or let it be dry-cleaned. We are washing with a neutral washingpowder at a temperature most appropriate. To white laundry we add some bleachpowder to keep your laundry white.

In the price-list you will find all kind of things we can wash (and iron). For the cleaning of bedlinnen we made the "lakenpakket". Lakenpakket means 6 items of bedlinnen washed, dried and ironed.

For the work we do, we have in Dutch the expression : "GEMAKSDIENST"  what means a service to your convenience.

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